maandag 31 augustus 2009

wish list

from now on I gone blog also more about things I wish there where in my cabinet.
first I need to save for the cabinet and then this is one of the first things I gonna buy and re-paint it myself as I suppose to do.


donderdag 27 augustus 2009

everything together

hei hei

finally some time.
the 300 stiche's scarf was 77 inch.

the weather is hot

I'm running out of time and made some jummie food to calm down. ( working in the kitchen does the same as knitting to me)I'm working on my home agian. I need to save a lot because we having lots of stuff that needs to be replaced. Lucky Ikea is there and we love there stuf.
only this bed is designd by me and the side tables are litle tables from the HEMA and johnny had the brilliant idea to put some lights under it.
ow and the sad news is that the bed as to be gone maybe. My body seems to have problems with it. There are two options. 1 a new underground but hard to find for this bed
2 a simple secondhand bed with good underground and then put the lovely headboard on it.
Time will tell.


donderdag 13 augustus 2009

I made an other scarf again. I now one 4 knitted ones. But I always wanted to make 300 stiches in a row version. So here it is.
The yarn comes from Finland and I love it. They had in a big super market so many of this yarn and other quality yarn. I wish they had more shops here.
now I'm in a hurry hurry job. some ones birthday is coming up and she loves royal blue.


woensdag 5 augustus 2009

finland was great.
first stop was helsinki.
we saw many lovely buildings and visit the island with the submarine
we also went too linnanmaki. the rollercoaster place of helsinki.
the last couple of day's we where in the summerhous of the parents of eric.
it was very nice there
on saterday we visit ankkarock and saw some nice bands play good music.
i wanne go back.

see my pictures and you understand it.