zaterdag 29 mei 2010

the summer look

this summer is gone be ...
i don't what is gone be but for sure i gone wear this blue dress.
have some red hair
hope too get these sunglasses, but can be changed in colour if it look awful whit my new hair colour.
so hopefully sanne can fix my hair
the sun will be there a lott.


maandag 24 mei 2010


I visit my grandparent in Leiden.
so lovely too see them in there house.
there garden is on a waterside
you can see lot's of small boats
I made the pillow 2 years ago and this time she got this bag from me.
i know i'm making too much bags now

Then we went too Rob
His house is close too the beach.I could spent many of hours at the beach
but we had some lovely concert of Elle ten dame
and these chairs where there.
so nice

we also visit the Esser museum.
so many lovely drawings
there was also this interactive part
this photo is the answer of lots of giggles

so purple rabbit was travelling again
need too do much more.


dinsdag 18 mei 2010

thuesday is my sewing day

yes my working table is always a big mess
it is something bad and good in the same time
i find inspiration this way.

I'm quilting.
this dog fabric combination whit some old self dyed fabric makes me smile.
the patterns I wane stick on it bounce in my head.

spot-spot loves this thing
sorry spot-spot it's not gone be for you.


vrijdag 14 mei 2010




dinsdag 11 mei 2010



last night i could not sleep
my head was spinning
so today i made this
now i don't what to do whit it.
make a purse
make a small quilt
make more things so there comes a big(ger) quilt.

so tell me what you do.
i gone try too sleep


zondag 9 mei 2010


this weekend i found my self lost
I did pull of some work

I can not show some more.
but in the future you will see more

here are some draw/paint work i made at school
i learned the technique mono printing
i love it so much so there gone be more soon

my sister in law was eating whit us Friday and she took this lovely photo of spot-spot.
so back on relaxing and making stuff.


donderdag 6 mei 2010

purple yarn project

my purple yarn project is doing well.
sleeve one is in face 2 almost fase 3


zondag 2 mei 2010

yes that's me in the right.
with some pin up make up.
lovely dress
feeling like a sexy lady.
(thank you so much kendra)

that was Friday
Saturday i played warhammer in tilburg
learned a lot.

so today my yarn get some attention.