donderdag 28 augustus 2008

time where did you go?


update about me. I don't now where the time went. It is going so fast now.
Everything is turning oke and my home starts to be a lovely place.
so photo are comming soon.


woensdag 13 augustus 2008

my dreamlife


I'm thinking of my future life laty a lot. This would be my ideal life.

some are already there, some where there and some are not posibel.

nynke den os

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008



I'm back from Prague. It was so nice place and we did do so much lovely things. This is just a short post of the holiday more to come soon but I'm very tired. We walked a lot and see even more. Now my brain is taken the the time to but it some where so the memory's alway's are there.
Here are some picture I took with my poleroid.

Yes we eat a lot , special icecream we did eat a lot. We went also to a festival wat was hold there. Subculture fest it was named and there where a lot of nice ska and punk bands.

Madsin was so nice to see and all te ska bands I saw where good.


astro zombies

church of condufince

les skalopes

bad conduction


The photo's are from some other guest . I can't make photo's this good for now but I'm learning.

so more news from Prague soon and some pictures I took myself from nice people and things.