woensdag 30 juni 2010

i love it so much

this movie is so crazy
i love it

the rocky horror picture show
i like her outfit and hair.


dinsdag 29 juni 2010

there are some big plans


this week a start too plan the big kitchen renovation
there are so many thing on the list
so we will start may next year.
this week i will sign the order for my kitchen
so it's comming out the fabric in time

( this is not my kitchen, but my new kitchen has a blue tone in it)

i still find it scary and so far away planning.
that's how big make overs cost and do
so I'm learning fast.
I need some time too relax
so back to my yarns.


vrijdag 25 juni 2010

my appartment summer ready


the summer is here.
the weather is hot but lovely
so I needed my outside space

so i made this out of my small balcony
if you sit up two people can fit in
the orange table will hold up my drinks yarns ore what so needed

this year i also made a inside garden
whit some cactus, cat grass and small tomatoes plants.
they all are growing fast and doing very well.


link apron swap


my computer and time didn't work well the last couple of day's.
i forgetting everything and so i'm so happy whit a couple of days holiday.
here is a link to my partners blog about the swap.

i love what she made for me.
everything is perfect the colours, the buttons, etc
this was my first swap and i looking forward to the next.


zondag 20 juni 2010


muse on stage

the stage from a distance

ribbons all over they air

when the sun went down.

the concert of ghinzu, editors and MUSE was so nice
the weather behave
the music sounded amezing
the people around use where lovely


dinsdag 15 juni 2010

my own town

my own town is so lovely
sometimes if forget
and find the beaty back


zondag 13 juni 2010


this weekend i spend wandering around in my own town.
There was this girl gina and i showed here maastricht a litle.
so we visit this old church and the floors are amazing there.
they are so quilt ready.


zondag 6 juni 2010

sunny weekend

this weekend i spend outside
dancing . laughing. eating having fun
first dancing on the bridge in the middle of the day
thats me in the black

there we started the 5 minutes dance
it was so nice to do.
after the sun went down we settle in the city park
having some beers , crisps and lots of fun
testing out what fun things my cellphone camera can do.
so i made bouncing lights.
now back too my knitting work.
almost there is a second sleef