zondag 6 juni 2010

sunny weekend

this weekend i spend outside
dancing . laughing. eating having fun
first dancing on the bridge in the middle of the day
thats me in the black

there we started the 5 minutes dance
it was so nice to do.
after the sun went down we settle in the city park
having some beers , crisps and lots of fun
testing out what fun things my cellphone camera can do.
so i made bouncing lights.
now back too my knitting work.
almost there is a second sleef


3 opmerkingen:

softearthart zei

What fun you had, lovely lights, cheers Marie

Marianne@Songbird zei

Ja heerlijk was het weer dit weekend, hè! Ik heb er ook echt van genoten.
Jammer dat ik je dat vijf minuten dansje niet heb zien doen op de brug :-)

hetty zei

Fun! What were you celebrating? Or were you just dancing for the joy of it?