dinsdag 28 december 2010



too start my pillow arrived in Russia.
thank you Santa.
new problem
i have my grandmothers spinning wheel.
that's good
but i'm missing a very important piece.
so i still can't start.
there a some wool in house
a quick lesson today
a girl that really wants too start (me)
i hoop my mom finds the parts ore a friend can make them.
but till then.... i need to wait
i googled lots information
how to dye my yarns and more

how do you wait I've you wane do something so badly?


zondag 26 december 2010

more swap news and my own pressent


i forgot the lovely tea-box that was in my x-mas swap
i gone us it for my make-up
it will suite my bedroom so nice

after all the things i made for others and helping out others and so one
i'm making something for myself
also the first time i'm knitting whit cotton and i love it

it snows here
we didn't had so much snow for so long
i love it.
too bad Christmas walk is cancelled because i wanted too make so much pictures

happy 2de Christmas day


donderdag 23 december 2010


he he,

doing a little better.
so don't worry Santa Claus I be better Saturday.

there where two swaps i took a part of.
one was the pillow swap.

this is the pillow i received.
the bad thing is mine is still not arrived in rusland.
so i'm very affraid i've got too make a new one.

i knitted mine whit tiny stitches.
so upcoming weeks I need too make a new one.
it's gone be a little different.
hope Santa will drop it this week in Russia.( the old one)

the other one was a Christmas swap .
i received a lovely reindeer

and some other lovely things
there where also some chocolates in it but that can not stay long here.

you can find my stuff here

so have a nice day

ps my knitting secret have too wait.

maandag 20 december 2010

still ill

so maybe tomorrow


zondag 19 december 2010


snow everywher
inside my head

so updates tomorrow


zaterdag 11 december 2010


i love kinky kappers
it's my hairdresser


zaterdag 4 december 2010

donderdag 2 december 2010

me as model

too busy
too blog
this was sunday
me as showing clothing
now knitting for next sundays's


vrijdag 26 november 2010

woensdag 24 november 2010

haloween pictures 2010

it was awesome
still waiting for more pictures


maandag 22 november 2010

knit knit and knit more



tomorrow i'm going to the hospital
and after i'm one tooth less
but the medication they gave me for the infection
made thing worse.
i look like a tomato with white spots.
so now on different drugs.

i don't want too scratch all the time.
solution keep on knitting so you can not scratch.
in december there is a market where i will stand with my stuff

this is on of the ufo's that get finish by now and in sale on the market

and it is getting colder here.
spook is already on her "it is o so cold" spot


dinsdag 16 november 2010

halloween left over

ship ahoy!
need more rum


zondag 14 november 2010

tooth ferry pleas come


yes i have dental problems. Visit the hospital today and went home with some stronger pain killers and the promise that they are going too call tomorrow.
we will see...
but to get my mind of the pain i knit and knit and did some other work
most of them for the swap i'm in.

but i also made this had for a kid in R

and I'm making home socks for myself.
it is a crotch and felt thing.

don't worry i will be fine again


zaterdag 6 november 2010

i spoiled myself

yes this is for me
it's a wrap for my neck when i'm biking.
i bike pretty fast and my scarf goes every where but where it should be
now there now endings and everything is wind proof.
the pink yarn is new and the black was a left over
my stash has 5 new skeins of yarn.
there are 2 (yes 2) pair new shoes for me
and some new sunglasses

now i started too knit for x-mas presents
there is a big list.


dinsdag 2 november 2010

happy hat pictures

yes this is the result of some relax time
and some costumes left saterday
maybe tomorrow more


zondag 31 oktober 2010

happy Halloween!

i had my first diner party yesterday
i made lots of nice food
and everything was gone
i hope to get better pictures the next couple of days

i made this litle mushroom as in between project
it is so cute

and my husband has a new co-player
spot-spot loves fabel 2
the birds and the dog
and all the lovely colours


vrijdag 22 oktober 2010


because i'm working very hard on the pillow swap i can not show my work in process.
so more secrets here on my blog

but spook was happy too fill the photo space
see is telling me that she also wants some shoes
these are too big


woensdag 20 oktober 2010

i love pink and this was me 6 years ago
i'm trying to get long hair again but not in this colour.


zondag 17 oktober 2010

red = work in proces = ufo :)
blue = fo = x-mas card = show date 20-12-2010

now back too my needles


ps where are you working on?

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

i have so much too do
but this is beanie two for R
number 3 is already in my head
beanie mania is here.


zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

knit and knit and arrghhhh


i'm so happy it's weekend
work is crazy
the project i told about last weekend turned out too be very wrong
the pattern is wrong
but spooky don't mind
it will become a part of her kitty bed


there is this lady she makes socks for children in Romania
now she also makes beanies
and now I'm making also a couple

this is the first one
it's too little too fit me
but perfect for a child
too big for a cat
but she needed to try it.


zondag 3 oktober 2010

me being very young

my grandmother gave me these pictures
i love them


ps yes it is me and my dad

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

red and blue

Work is very busy and so my energy is low
but i found some time too relax
and visit my grand parents
i returned with two bags and one box of yarns
lots of needles and really small bears too make
my first tomato plant had one tomato :)

my grandparents life close too the sea
so first we had a little walk on the beach

it made me very happy and the 8 hours in the car well spend.
maybe i can show you i finish tomorrow


zondag 26 september 2010

bruidsmeisje ; )

I'm going outside too find some goody's
but I need to share this

zondag 19 september 2010

sunday cleaning ahum :)

Sunday cleaning is more redesign my house then something else
al the old stuff goes in boxes and nice stuff get a better view
so I placed 3 white boards on my self
all the lovely postcards i get will be in display

there was this flee market at a school
i found two of these
it's granny style but we have so many little toys
my collection mini hello kitty's

and my collection hot wheels
yes they are mine
i love them because of the drawings on them

have fun