maandag 22 november 2010

knit knit and knit more



tomorrow i'm going to the hospital
and after i'm one tooth less
but the medication they gave me for the infection
made thing worse.
i look like a tomato with white spots.
so now on different drugs.

i don't want too scratch all the time.
solution keep on knitting so you can not scratch.
in december there is a market where i will stand with my stuff

this is on of the ufo's that get finish by now and in sale on the market

and it is getting colder here.
spook is already on her "it is o so cold" spot


4 opmerkingen:

Barb zei

Sorry you have to go in the hospital and are having trouble with medications...hope all goes well and you are on the mend quickly.

The Knitting Seaman zei

I honestly want to see that white spotted tomato you say you are! Where's the pics?

Like the blanket too. I'm thinking of making me a crochet blanket but... It takes a long time and there's alway A LOT of threads to sew in. Sigh!

hetty zei

Sending you cyber hugs and best wishes for your trip to the hospital tomorrow. Sorry to hear that the medication made you worse. Good luck at the market! Spook looks warm, but not necessarily comfortable. My daughter's cat sleeps on the cable (television) box because it is warm.

Anna - stickande trÀdgÄrdsstudent zei

amai, dat is heel mooi!

(wis je lees mijn blogg - ik kom uit Zweden maar ik spreek Nederlands ook..)