zondag 26 april 2009

zaterdag 25 april 2009

crazy me

i needed to let johnny to take this picture. Only one tiny thing the car is too small.

have fun

maandag 20 april 2009

weekend of kiss and fun

it was so nice this weekend. The sun was out and I spend a lot of time with charlotte. We went to some second hand markets and a concert of kiss.

i bought this.

It's a videopack G7000. I remember playing games on it by my grqandparents. Now i have my own . Only one problem I don't have games. I'm gonna find them soon.

I also found some atari games. Smurf and Space invators to be exact but i forgot that my atari didn't survive all my movements.

Later that evening we went too a Kiss tribute band. The photo's will tell everything it was so funny and good.

Sunday was more a day of touring with the car and visit some markets , ice cream salons and movie. I made a slide of a rail. ( or not)

I saw dagonball evolution and it was a good movie, better then i thout it would be. Now I need some sleep that i missed this weekend.


maandag 13 april 2009

things I saw on blogs and wanted to have too

eastern and more
my brorther made a lovely eastern dinner today. I wanted to give him something and nothing easterns. So I made some suzi candy. I forgot where I saw it first but I remeber that is was on a blog. now on too part two of ideas from blogs. I saw this lovely suitcase bed for cats and I didn't trow away my old suitcase. So I put johnny to work and look wath a lovely end result. We trow away an old chair that was Spook her favo sleep spot but the new bed is her new favo spot too sleep.
She is laying on it now I'm typing this.

I'm off to bed too , back to work tomorrow and it only 4 days this week.


zaterdag 11 april 2009


if you feeling down watchs this. It always makes me smile.
and don't blame me for the fact that you don't get it out of you're head.


vrijdag 10 april 2009

update 10/04/09 europa
04/10/09 america

sorry to you all but there are no photo's of my own work. I'm too bussy on the guest room. next weekend 2 lovely people commig over and they need a place too sleep. It was a clutter room for the last 2 years and now it starts to look amezing. I created some curtens out of samples and old fabric. ( maybe tomorrow there gonna be some pictures). Next week I also gonna look for some second hand bed thing.
my weddingdress: The grey dress i showed before was very ugly in the store. The pictures looks good but reality showed diffrent. The good news is that I found a new dress. It is red with black polka dots. It's a new dress but it looks like a 50th's dress complete with petty coat and jacket. You have too wait till the 26juni for pictures other wise Johnny will find out about my dress.I love old dresses. I didn't now it before and i hope to find a dress like this one some day.
my cats are some spoiled cats i think. I made a perfect sleeping space out of old suitcase. It was a DIY project on some blog ( I forgot wish one) . (maybe also some pictures to come).

I never was a fan of a person of band like a lot of other people but I really like the way this women is and acts. Her name is kat von d and het tatoo work is amezing.

happy eatern every one and don´t eat too much chocolat.