maandag 13 april 2009

things I saw on blogs and wanted to have too

eastern and more
my brorther made a lovely eastern dinner today. I wanted to give him something and nothing easterns. So I made some suzi candy. I forgot where I saw it first but I remeber that is was on a blog. now on too part two of ideas from blogs. I saw this lovely suitcase bed for cats and I didn't trow away my old suitcase. So I put johnny to work and look wath a lovely end result. We trow away an old chair that was Spook her favo sleep spot but the new bed is her new favo spot too sleep.
She is laying on it now I'm typing this.

I'm off to bed too , back to work tomorrow and it only 4 days this week.


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hetty zei

I love the candy sushi! I've seen it made with fruit roll-ups and rice crispies. What did you use? I'll bet your brother loved them!
The cat bed is interesting too. I am making a crocheted cat bed at the moment. It is taking a long time to do. I'll post it on my blog when I am done. The pattern was free on the internet.