vrijdag 10 april 2009

update 10/04/09 europa
04/10/09 america

sorry to you all but there are no photo's of my own work. I'm too bussy on the guest room. next weekend 2 lovely people commig over and they need a place too sleep. It was a clutter room for the last 2 years and now it starts to look amezing. I created some curtens out of samples and old fabric. ( maybe tomorrow there gonna be some pictures). Next week I also gonna look for some second hand bed thing.
my weddingdress: The grey dress i showed before was very ugly in the store. The pictures looks good but reality showed diffrent. The good news is that I found a new dress. It is red with black polka dots. It's a new dress but it looks like a 50th's dress complete with petty coat and jacket. You have too wait till the 26juni for pictures other wise Johnny will find out about my dress.I love old dresses. I didn't now it before and i hope to find a dress like this one some day.
my cats are some spoiled cats i think. I made a perfect sleeping space out of old suitcase. It was a DIY project on some blog ( I forgot wish one) . (maybe also some pictures to come).

I never was a fan of a person of band like a lot of other people but I really like the way this women is and acts. Her name is kat von d and het tatoo work is amezing.

happy eatern every one and don´t eat too much chocolat.


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hetty zei

I would love to see a photo of your guest room when you are finished. The new wedding dress sounds great! As far as eating too much chocolate - why not? More chocolate is produced at Easter time than at any other time of the year, including Christmas. So I have to buy it and eat it. Just doing my part to keep the economy going