maandag 20 april 2009

weekend of kiss and fun

it was so nice this weekend. The sun was out and I spend a lot of time with charlotte. We went to some second hand markets and a concert of kiss.

i bought this.

It's a videopack G7000. I remember playing games on it by my grqandparents. Now i have my own . Only one problem I don't have games. I'm gonna find them soon.

I also found some atari games. Smurf and Space invators to be exact but i forgot that my atari didn't survive all my movements.

Later that evening we went too a Kiss tribute band. The photo's will tell everything it was so funny and good.

Sunday was more a day of touring with the car and visit some markets , ice cream salons and movie. I made a slide of a rail. ( or not)

I saw dagonball evolution and it was a good movie, better then i thout it would be. Now I need some sleep that i missed this weekend.


4 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

Sounds like a busy weekend alright! I had to laugh at the 'Smurf' Atari game! That was the first game my kids ever played. That brought back memories! Glad you had a good time. All weekends should be like that!

Littlelou zei

The videopack is coll, I have never seen anything like it before

LEon zei

Wow! Kiss? The real kiss band? I recently watched a japanese movie "metal Detroit City" and Jack from Kiss acted in it. Quite a funny show. If you can, you should catch it.

It seems the 2nd hand market quite happening too.

the dutch purple rabbit zei

@ leon no not the real one. But a real good rip off.