zondag 29 maart 2009

relax sunday

its relax sunday and my cats are so relax hanging on there favo spots.

woensdag 25 maart 2009

i love knitting

I'm cleaning the house from left to right and up to down. I sorted my yarn and now as a gift for myself I am making to litle things for myself. End result following soon ( I hope).
there both out of scrap yarn . left are litle left overs and right a blended 4 diffrent kind of yarn togehter so the patern was right.


woensdag 18 maart 2009

help me ........

I'm thinking to have this dress for my wedding dress. Please commont me about it. my own opion still ruls but I love to read you're reactions on it.


zaterdag 14 maart 2009

more bike fun

if you read the commends of hetty. you already nows that there are lots of bikes in The Netherlands. Some sources say 2,5 bike for each person.

We have special park spaces for the bikes. One of the biggest park places you can find bu railway stations. Here is a picture of it I made a couple a days back to show you.

this is just a small part of it . next time I take some more pictures.


zondag 8 maart 2009

bike fun

it was a raining day and wath do you do on a raining day

knitting of course.
I have a lot of running projects and projects in the shelfs but my bike project screamd so hard for me. So today I did some work on my bike project.
firts I made some parts

Now they are on my bike. I love the result so far. There are still many parts that needs some knitwork. So back to the needles and first I need to finish something else before a go a head with my bike project again.

zaterdag 7 maart 2009

shopping that makes me happy

I was shoppig today and of course I visit "bric and brac " it is a shop with second hand things. I found some beautiful yarn. A other store had this lovely cat for one my bike and some dices. To end this lovely shopping trip Johnny and I take some chocalat eggs with small toys inside.

this a close up of the yarn. It is a really fun yarn. I think it is a good yarn to guarilla my bike. But first to finish some other things ( yeah right).


DIY necklage from earplugs.
new stuff and yes it is DIY.
first I had these ugly ( My opion) earplugs. I have stress rings so they won't fit in my ear and they are not my thing.
so cut the strings and see bellow the end result. Okay i did have some dices left and put them also in it. I loving it now.
I love making stuff out of other stuff. so go recycle ugly stuff.

dinsdag 3 maart 2009

carnaval 2009

carnaval is a tradition in my home town I love. You dress up and party for 3 day long. Most of the time I'm only party 2 day's and rest one day because other wise I don't make it.
This year I stole a outfit of my dad, But a pillow on my belly and painted a fake mustage.
My boyfriend shaved his beard of and together we where 2 silly working men.
party people up
het vrijthof(famouse place in Maastricht) down

me and johnny

"het moaswief" the lady who started and ends carnaval


zondag 1 maart 2009


today is a day i wish nobody.

my best friend is in sweden all alone with love sicknes. See went there to visit somebody see likes very much and to have some fun. Now he is back home and she is alone in the hotel. I wish i was there to talk and make her feel better.

The parents of johnny came home today from a holiday to scotland. There entree was still dirty from the fire and time was also not good for some things. So we painted and cleaned everything from top to bottom. It toke us 3 days to do it.

What do you get a father that jells and screams to his son. He told him things a better can not see twice. They told us many times that they didn't like there entree and working on it seems very hard. My weekend is runned and he wish not to see me for 2 months but I don't want to see him for much longer time. I'm done with him and his things. I'm also done with the mother, see told me many story's but today i found out the real one. Johnny is not doing things because he can't of he don't wanted to. He is not doing things because his parents can so over react on normal friendly things.

this is al very hard for my , special with a wedding on the way and more. The only thing I gonna do is fight with my Johnny against his past and make a lovely time out of it.

best wishes to you all and i promis next time more fun and happynes is my story or pictures.