zaterdag 7 maart 2009

shopping that makes me happy

I was shoppig today and of course I visit "bric and brac " it is a shop with second hand things. I found some beautiful yarn. A other store had this lovely cat for one my bike and some dices. To end this lovely shopping trip Johnny and I take some chocalat eggs with small toys inside.

this a close up of the yarn. It is a really fun yarn. I think it is a good yarn to guarilla my bike. But first to finish some other things ( yeah right).


3 opmerkingen:

LEon zei

What surprises is in the Kinder Surpries I wonder? The cat look cute!

the dutch purple rabbit zei

@ leon

nothing special this time. i dont't like all the figures but a year ago there where simpsons in the eggs and i love them all.


hetty zei

Great things. Love that little cat! The yarn looks yummy!