zondag 8 maart 2009

bike fun

it was a raining day and wath do you do on a raining day

knitting of course.
I have a lot of running projects and projects in the shelfs but my bike project screamd so hard for me. So today I did some work on my bike project.
firts I made some parts

Now they are on my bike. I love the result so far. There are still many parts that needs some knitwork. So back to the needles and first I need to finish something else before a go a head with my bike project again.

2 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

We have rain too. So while you knit, I am quilting. I love what you did to your bike. Bicycle recycle! I always wondered how people found their own bikes back in Holland. There are bikes everywhere. This way you can always find yours!

Librarynan zei

Your "Bike Project" is way cool! I love the bright colors... easy to spot YOUR bike! Sounds like Carnival was lots of fun, too. Cheers