zondag 1 maart 2009


today is a day i wish nobody.

my best friend is in sweden all alone with love sicknes. See went there to visit somebody see likes very much and to have some fun. Now he is back home and she is alone in the hotel. I wish i was there to talk and make her feel better.

The parents of johnny came home today from a holiday to scotland. There entree was still dirty from the fire and time was also not good for some things. So we painted and cleaned everything from top to bottom. It toke us 3 days to do it.

What do you get a father that jells and screams to his son. He told him things a better can not see twice. They told us many times that they didn't like there entree and working on it seems very hard. My weekend is runned and he wish not to see me for 2 months but I don't want to see him for much longer time. I'm done with him and his things. I'm also done with the mother, see told me many story's but today i found out the real one. Johnny is not doing things because he can't of he don't wanted to. He is not doing things because his parents can so over react on normal friendly things.

this is al very hard for my , special with a wedding on the way and more. The only thing I gonna do is fight with my Johnny against his past and make a lovely time out of it.

best wishes to you all and i promis next time more fun and happynes is my story or pictures.


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hetty zei

I want to tell you all kinds of things to make you feel better, but this is not a good place for that. Just remember, you cannot change others. But don't allow them to affect they way you feel.

Littlelou zei

I found your blog and found it very moving. Im sorry you worked so hard painting and it was not appreciated.
I love the way you are learning English..I wish I was brave enough to try a new language.