dinsdag 3 maart 2009

carnaval 2009

carnaval is a tradition in my home town I love. You dress up and party for 3 day long. Most of the time I'm only party 2 day's and rest one day because other wise I don't make it.
This year I stole a outfit of my dad, But a pillow on my belly and painted a fake mustage.
My boyfriend shaved his beard of and together we where 2 silly working men.
party people up
het vrijthof(famouse place in Maastricht) down

me and johnny

"het moaswief" the lady who started and ends carnaval


3 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

I didn't know that you celebrate carnaval in Holland. I don't ever remember doing so. I first heard about this tradition from an American woman living in Germany. That was several years ago. I had never heard of the dressing up, the mascarading and parades etc. Where was I all those years?

LEon zei

3 day long carnival? What is it about? Sound fun with all the dressing up. drinking included right?

the dutch purple rabbit zei

it's because in the old day's peolpe have now a 6 weeks period where thet life a sober life. No candy, alcohol and other nice stuf. Now a day's we dont do that anymore. the period starts with carnaval and ends with eastern.
and yes carnaval included lots of beer.