zondag 31 oktober 2010

happy Halloween!

i had my first diner party yesterday
i made lots of nice food
and everything was gone
i hope to get better pictures the next couple of days

i made this litle mushroom as in between project
it is so cute

and my husband has a new co-player
spot-spot loves fabel 2
the birds and the dog
and all the lovely colours


vrijdag 22 oktober 2010


because i'm working very hard on the pillow swap i can not show my work in process.
so more secrets here on my blog

but spook was happy too fill the photo space
see is telling me that she also wants some shoes
these are too big


woensdag 20 oktober 2010

i love pink and this was me 6 years ago
i'm trying to get long hair again but not in this colour.


zondag 17 oktober 2010

red = work in proces = ufo :)
blue = fo = x-mas card = show date 20-12-2010

now back too my needles


ps where are you working on?

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

i have so much too do
but this is beanie two for R
number 3 is already in my head
beanie mania is here.


zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

knit and knit and arrghhhh


i'm so happy it's weekend
work is crazy
the project i told about last weekend turned out too be very wrong
the pattern is wrong
but spooky don't mind
it will become a part of her kitty bed


there is this lady she makes socks for children in Romania
now she also makes beanies
and now I'm making also a couple

this is the first one
it's too little too fit me
but perfect for a child
too big for a cat
but she needed to try it.


zondag 3 oktober 2010

me being very young

my grandmother gave me these pictures
i love them


ps yes it is me and my dad

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

red and blue

Work is very busy and so my energy is low
but i found some time too relax
and visit my grand parents
i returned with two bags and one box of yarns
lots of needles and really small bears too make
my first tomato plant had one tomato :)

my grandparents life close too the sea
so first we had a little walk on the beach

it made me very happy and the 8 hours in the car well spend.
maybe i can show you i finish tomorrow