zondag 17 oktober 2010

red = work in proces = ufo :)
blue = fo = x-mas card = show date 20-12-2010

now back too my needles


ps where are you working on?

4 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

That blue piece looks interesting. Can't wait to see it on the 20th of December! I am working on a lot of things. But that reminds me of the hexagons I am crocheting for an afghan. Maybe I should post about it on my blog today.

softearthart zei

Hi, I am working on a Rainbow faerie wall hanging, it has taken me a while, but I should have finished tomorrow, look out for a picture of it on my blog, cheers MARIE

The Knitting Seaman zei

I'm really curiois about the square project!

Barb zei

I am traveling, no projects right now but buying fabric.