zondag 27 september 2009

zondag 20 september 2009

sunday part 3


these are four things I wanted to have in my house. So this " sunday I love" is about furniture.


zondag 13 september 2009

a weekend full finish knit work

yes a finish to projects. very happy about my new hat and purple thing.


i love sunday part 2

I love to have some good books in my house. I collect snoecks, code magazine, the anime serie black cat and all kind of books about small houses and how lovely they can be.
The combo is maybe strange but it's me.
yesterday i bought part 3 of black cat so i need to read it now.


donderdag 10 september 2009

he he

somebody was telling today that if you have a talent. You sometimes wanted everybody to understand you and you're way of life. But he thinks is better if you stay you're self and that other people have to loose the way of thinking that people with talent are crazy ones.

so more good things to remind of and for me to stay myself.

and thanks to all the people that comment my new pictures.


woensdag 9 september 2009

zondag 6 september 2009




i love sunday

hei hei

from now one I gonna trey to show 4 pictures every sunday of things i like ore better love.
today sunday one.
no better way to start with yarn


dinsdag 1 september 2009

I'm in love with this.