dinsdag 28 december 2010



too start my pillow arrived in Russia.
thank you Santa.
new problem
i have my grandmothers spinning wheel.
that's good
but i'm missing a very important piece.
so i still can't start.
there a some wool in house
a quick lesson today
a girl that really wants too start (me)
i hoop my mom finds the parts ore a friend can make them.
but till then.... i need to wait
i googled lots information
how to dye my yarns and more

how do you wait I've you wane do something so badly?


2 opmerkingen:

The Knitting Seaman zei

Just tell me if you want tips about where to buy fibers, I have a looong list :)

Which piece is missing? The bobbin? (Where the yarn winds up) The wing? (The piece with the hooks)

hetty zei

Glad you pillow got to Russia! My mother has a spinning wheel. I should see if she will give it to me now that she is not able to use it any more. Knit something while you wait patiently. Yea, I know. I have a hard time doing that too.