donderdag 23 december 2010


he he,

doing a little better.
so don't worry Santa Claus I be better Saturday.

there where two swaps i took a part of.
one was the pillow swap.

this is the pillow i received.
the bad thing is mine is still not arrived in rusland.
so i'm very affraid i've got too make a new one.

i knitted mine whit tiny stitches.
so upcoming weeks I need too make a new one.
it's gone be a little different.
hope Santa will drop it this week in Russia.( the old one)

the other one was a Christmas swap .
i received a lovely reindeer

and some other lovely things
there where also some chocolates in it but that can not stay long here.

you can find my stuff here

so have a nice day

ps my knitting secret have too wait.

4 opmerkingen:

The Knitting Seaman zei

I would wait a bit longer with the pillow knitting if I were you. I don't know where in Russia your friend lives or when you posted the parcel, but mail service is very slow these days. I start to think that (as there's a lot of snow everywhere) the fastest way of delivering mail from one sea nation to another, is to ship it by boat. Air Mail should be fast, but these days I doubt it is.

PS. I wish it was me who had received your Christmas gift. The bunnies were so qute! DS

PS2. Hope you feel a lot more better soon!

PS3. Merry Christmas!

softearthart zei

I have enjoyed seeing your creations over the year. love and light Marie

Roolen zei

Hi Nynke!
At least I have seen your (or already mine :) ) pillow on a photo. Yes, my city is further from Moscow on 1000 km . Weather is awful at us too. Therefore I hope that pillow will reach me soon...

hetty zei

Great swap items! Those little rabbits are too cute. I am sure your pillow will arrive at its destination eventually. I think the weather has slowed everything down. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Merry Christmas!