maandag 24 mei 2010


I visit my grandparent in Leiden.
so lovely too see them in there house.
there garden is on a waterside
you can see lot's of small boats
I made the pillow 2 years ago and this time she got this bag from me.
i know i'm making too much bags now

Then we went too Rob
His house is close too the beach.I could spent many of hours at the beach
but we had some lovely concert of Elle ten dame
and these chairs where there.
so nice

we also visit the Esser museum.
so many lovely drawings
there was also this interactive part
this photo is the answer of lots of giggles

so purple rabbit was travelling again
need too do much more.


3 opmerkingen:

The Knitting Seaman zei

Bags are a good thing! Go on for as long as you still think it's fun!

And if you give them away, remember that it is extremely flattering to get a hand made bag than something you buy on a sales market. (Unless you're ten years old and want hard packages :)

softearthart zei

Lots of adventures and a chance to see your grandparent. cheers Marie

hetty zei

Sounds like you had a terrific weekend! Glad Purple Rabbit is doing some travelling again. Your bags are great! Keep making them.