zondag 12 oktober 2008

update sunday 12 of october


everyone, My life is started to take shape again. I was kick out of a group lady's that make fibermails. I can't blame them my work is diffrent then there's. Then I also now I made some mistakes. The best thing about is it now more deadline's. Work with a deadline is not my strongest point. Now back on work on some blancket for a collega. His douther is not loving pink. so I make a blue and purple one.

Now a couple of pictures of the last day's.

lots of hugs nynke

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hetty zei

I love that photo of your computer-game cat! Is that Spook? I don't think those 'ladies' who 'kicked' you out of their group knew what they wre doing. I love your work! Mistakes are just design elements!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes! Hopjes, dropjes and hagelslag - we used to call them muisjes (did I spell that correctly?) They definitely are the best part of being Dutch! I don't know about the stroopwafels though. I don't think I have ever had those.