woensdag 26 november 2008

winter has come

it's being cold these day's in the eye's of spook. See is now searching for warm spots to make it here's.

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hetty zei

Ahhhhh. Spook is so cute! That's lovely crochet work. Is it a blanket?
Your little cat quilt from a couple of weeks ago inspired me to make a little quilt for my cats. I am going to take a photo and post it in the next couple of days and I want to link that post to your blog because you gave me the inspiration. Hope you don't mind.

Karen Dianne Lee zei

Spook! You are very cute. Kanga is also doing this. I'm putting the finishing border on an Afghan blanket for all of us (me and the three cats) but she can't wait. She keeps bothering me. I'll have to share a photo soon.

Spook, stay warm!