zaterdag 16 mei 2009

I do quilt (sometimes)

Today i finally pick up the quilt that I'm making for a special person. It's need to be finish over 10 day and looks like it's turning oke.
Spot-spot is test driving it now.

me : how does it feel spot-spot

s : feels like a good quilt

me: really

s: it was so long ago you made a quilt, can i play with it.

me : no you silly cat the lady for who this is don't like litle holes in it.

s : too bad

I'm going to try to put a litle yarn edge to it.
foto's come soon.

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hetty zei

Awwwww. Let Spot Spot sit on it! He is such a cute kitty! Every quilt has to have some love put into it. That's a cat's job! I am curious to see what you mean by putting a little yarn edge on it.