zondag 1 november 2009

i still love last sunday


last sunday I was in Essen and didn't find the time too post an I love sunday.
this sunday i make things up with 5 pictures of last sunday.
Essen was great fun.

there where all kind of litle stores with comic books and minitures for games. There where real big stores with lots of board games.

i loved this stormtrooper. The paint job is so well done.
I found even a girly girl stand between all the men stuff. It's german but I love the drawind style.

I play dwarf in warhammer ( It's a game with small minatures) and dwarfs hated green skins, but I've got to say this men is dressed up real good.

The last pictures is a darth vader santa claus. It so funny.


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hetty zei

Loved your post! My mother's family came from Essen. My grandmother was German. I think there are still some aunts, uncles and cousins living there who are related to me. They owned a butcher shop. I visited them several times while we still lived in Holland. Was this one of those Sci-Fi conventions that you went to? My son is into stuff like that. His whole apartment is decorated in Sci-Fi! I have been to a couple of those shows. And I even have a photo of me with a storm trooper! How cool is that?