zaterdag 2 januari 2010

hello kitty stuff

hello kitty!

i've got a botle of gums

and a tape dispender with so lovely hello kitty tape

i'm so happy
my desk is so nice now


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hetty zei

I love that tape! Fat Cat patterns has a really cute Maneki Neko on her free site. Maneki Neko means the beckoning cat. Do you know how 'Hello Kitty' came to be? A Buddist monk was walking somewhere far from home. It started to rain, with lots of thunder and lightening. He had nowhere to go for shelter, so he stook under a tree. Suddenly he saw a cat, waving to him to come inside the temple. He did so and as soon as he was inside, the tree, under which he had been standing during the storm, was hit by lightening and destroyed. Since then cats who beckon with their paws are good luck. So there you have it! The story of Hello Kitty.