vrijdag 11 maart 2011

more rak


today there was a other rak in my mailbox
rakje is the dutch way of a litle rak
and rak means




there is a group on ravelry with dutchies that post every month a list that wish to have
and if you have something left you send it over
it's not a swap
so if you sent something it doesn't mean you getting stuff back.

so i sending down a pair of old knitting needles and some buttons this month
and i send 2 months back all the yarn that i didn't like
it helps cleaning out my hobby table
and makes me feel good.


ps thank you wollieland for all the things

3 opmerkingen:

Marydon zei

RAKs are so rewarding aren't they. I love your pictures ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
Have a lovely PS weekend ~

hetty zei

Wonderful things those RAKs. I still remember the things your sent me a few years ago. I have never reciprocated and I should have. You are a wonderfully kind and creative person and you deserve to get fun presents in the mail.

CleaStagnitti zei

We RAK here too but I haven't done it by sending goodies to other knitters. I like to watch the Ravelry FO Radar and post comments on great projects as a way of RAKing. That's how I found your awesome Bunny Nuggets. Maybe now that I've read this I'll start sending out some little RAKs too. It's always fun to get something in the mail.
Have a great day.