zaterdag 30 april 2011



it feels like summer outside.
the sun is out
and today we feel real dutch as dutchies
it's queensday

lots of people where orange
and festivals all over country
for me one of the best things is... flea markets with real sales

the photo's show all the things a got today
total lost 2 euro's
plus a happy husband because he loves dragons
(see photo above)

and these bowls make me very happy

have a nice weekend


2 opmerkingen:

y.illing zei

Leuke koopjes:)
Je boekje is aangekomen in Denemarken (de buuv was lief en heeft het doorgestuurd) Dankjewle heel erg leuk, hij gaat thuis bij de andere leuke-bewaar-dingetjes-die-je-wil-laten-zien

hetty zei

Great flea market finds! I love that Japanese plate. Is that a tradition - to go looking for bargains on Queens Day? I don't remember that.