vrijdag 15 juli 2011

give away Hetty


i won Hetty's give away.
this is so nice because she sent me a real big price over.
the strike,....... who cares if the return is a purple rabbit bag.
so nice and sweet together with a purple rabbit.
the give away was this little quilt that now will find a good spot in my house.
thank you so much Hetty
for those how don't now here this is her lovely blog
HETTY click there <-


ps you're box is claimed by spook

2 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

OMG! I just sent you an email begging you to be patient for awhile longer. But I see my package found it's way to your house. Glad you like your win! Spook looks comfortable in the box!

Line zei

Oh, wat een leuke tas, met die vele konijntjes, helemaal jou.
Fijn om ze een pakketje te vinden