zondag 21 augustus 2011

this week ....


deze week zag ik
this week i saw

my cousins blog about it already some time and maybe this is a good post to end my week.

this week i saw


ps :one blanket getting really finished ( no doubts any more after a bigger trim)
murphey my brothers dog
a night... trapped in a container on my work
my town by riverside.
and a almost finished sleeveles sweater.


2 opmerkingen:

Line zei

Het truitje vlot precies goed, of zijn dat niet die vele streepjes die ik zie

hetty zei

Nice town! Murphey is a cutie. Your blanket looks great and is that stripes knitting you sleeveless vest? What does getting trapped in a container at work mean? I see what looks like a Luna Moth. I thought we only had those in North America.