zaterdag 8 oktober 2011


i'm being tagged.

so 10 things things about me.
are you really sure.

1 i'm a early bird. i prefer sun rise. 

2 i love black yarn but never ever made something out of it for myself

3 i don't have much patient. 

4 sometimes i wish i was a boy that would make things lot easier.

5 I love swimming, but don't take the time to do it.

6 i love to play board games

7 I love the colour pink and wanted to paint my hair pink again but the rest of the world i'm in wouldn't understand.

8 I love hats

9 you can wake me up for ice-cream,choco, raspberries, shusi and some more food

10 i can't stop knitting. always have a project some where.

will the following ladies also say 10 things about them self.

kim ( vilt a la kim)

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hetty zei

I have been tagged so many times that I don't think there is anything that bloggers don't know about me. Thanks for thinking of me, but I am going to have to bow out.