zondag 7 december 2008

picture sunday

Sinterklaas left The Netherlands and so christmas can start. Yesterday we paint ou're window and today with the sun behind it's very nice too see.

onyx was being picture beauty agian.

The nearly insean sweaters are doind well. The needles are going faster and faster.


2 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

Your window looks amazing! The sweater is coming along nicely. Is it a Christmas present for someone? Onyx is a cutie! Sinterklaas came to my house - sort of. I put my shoe out and my husband put a small box of chocolates in it! Then on Saturday afternoon, my son came over with another present! A CD of Christmas songs performed by members of a local early morning television program. I was very excited!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts zei

Oh your window looks beautiful!