zaterdag 13 december 2008

spook again

spook: hello
me: he sweety
spook: I'm sweet always
me: uhm why are there then things on the ground that where first in my lovely tree
spook: it's much better this way
me: why?
spook: now we can play with them everywhere.
me: no way.


pss hetty I read you're conversations with mimi and spook and I where convens that this was a good idee for oures convertions.

2 opmerkingen:

Karen Dianne Lee zei


Yes, we can play with them everywhere now.

Oh I love to visit your blog and laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hetty zei

Yeah, it's pretty amazing when your cats talk back to you, isn't it? Glad I inspired you! I keep finding things on the floor too, but Mimi denies having anything to do with them! I don't trust her!