zondag 21 februari 2010

sunday yarn and ufo's

sunday, woehoeee

this week was very busy, but the end is very relax.
i finishd a ufo that started 4 years ago ( uhmm oeps)
it's a scarf and i still love the pink and white yarn. I only had a litle but the other yarns maded it complete.
so now i can take my black jacket and my newy and go see the world.

this green thing is an art object from now.
it's still a scarf but it's shape is very arty.

see you next time.


1 opmerking:

hetty zei

Your finished scarf looks great! Love the colours! The artsy scarf is interesting too. Can't wait to see it done. Have a great week! I am getting lots of crocheting done while watching the Olympics!