zondag 14 februari 2010

update me


i'm better.
and waiting for some things and in the mean while I'm knitting and more.
1 project white is done. ( photo will come if my husband is awake)(wath was i thinking)
2 ufo babyblancket. the baby is born and I'm still not finishd
3 green lovely green. It's gonna be a gift. soo sssssssss

so back to my sofa and this knitting machine will work again.


3 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

Interesting stuff you got going there! I am never able to finish things before the baby is born! Happy knitting! Glad you are feeling better.

*karendianne. zei

Ohh, I love the pretty things you have here. Glad to know you are feeling better. What a pretty baby blanket - the first one. Very interesting pattern!!!

LEon zei

These are very good looking. Have you ever think of selling it online? I guess it will be good. :)