zondag 14 maart 2010

sunday again

this sunday was relax, almost too relax.
last weekend i finishd a lot of work
this weekend i don't now where too start.
one thing for sure instant love for wich ice cream
it's soo yummie

my painting is ready
after a break from 8 years.
the last painting was a gift for roy and this one i gonna keep
the next one is almost ready

see you next time


3 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

Interesting painting. Can't wait to see the next one. Relaxing is good, especially with a Wich! I used to make something like that for the kids in my class - a couple of chocolate chip cookies with ice cream between. They loved them!

Marianne@Songbird zei

Everyone needs a break some time. Nice painting, good luck with the next one!

Mi Joya zei

Hai! That's a nice painting, and a good tone of the yellow color!
Goodluck on the second one :-)