zondag 7 maart 2010

sunday .

sunday woehoe

this sunday i visit Hasselt (belgium) with Denise
there was a special women event and turns out to be great.
i can't see any chocolade for now but learnd a lot about it.
i bought some nice stuff pictures to follow soon.

we dutch think that belgium people are strange and so they do back
this thing up say's " kissing area for 5 min max"
it's next too a school so i can see why. but it makes me laugh very hard

the green arty farty thing is readdy and just on time.
When i started this project a knew there was only one person for it.

my curtains are done.
they turned out lovely.
the sunshine is playing with texture.

see you next time
(stuff i bought)


2 opmerkingen:

hetty zei

Special events for women are always interesting and worthwhile. I love your curtains. They turned out great! And I think every city and town should have a zoenstrook!

ArtMind zei

Hehe, Nynke, kiss & ride is not so strange - it enables people to park for free while saying goodbye. Only for 5 minutes though! ;)
I love love love the scarf that you made me and I can't believe your kindness! Thank you so much, I'll wear it with pride! :)
And thank you too for popping by at the fair - it's always nice to see you!