maandag 14 juli 2008

sunday on monday

today I start to write in englisch because there's more and more intrest for my blog.
Hopeully it's gonne be good and fast.

Yesterday was exely siggy day only I didn't found the time for it. So here is the picture I promised last sunday.
The hopes are hi that where going see Finland. Wensday i'm going to hear if it's posible or not.
So fingers crosd. So nothing is sure but I stared on een quilt for the lovely lady we are gonne stay.

have a nice day


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hetty zei

Your siggies look very nice. I exchanged one with a Dutch lady a couple of years ago, so I have exactly one! Hope you get your trip to Finland. That would be terrific! Lucky is the person who will receive the quilt you are working on!