zaterdag 17 april 2010

a secret

I love to find buttons
on the street
in the park
in drift stores
every where.

this is my latest find on the street
I need a glass jar for all my found buttons ( i think)


4 opmerkingen:

*karendianne. zei

I like this! I should start looking for buttons, too.

Littlelou zei

I love that you find buttons..its lucky to find a penny and pick it up but a button is much more fun

Valentina zei

How lovely to meet you! and How cool is THAT!!! :)
I love your new button and I am happy that I am not the only one picking things up from the street! :) but a special jar for them is a brilliant idea!
I am really looking forward to getting to know eachother better through our blogs, Nynke!
where abouts in Holland are you?
veel liefs uit Cyprus,

hetty zei

Nice button! I often pick up buttons, although not usually from the street Those are often scratched. Inside malls and schools they are okay. I have two large containers full of buttons. Just recently I bought some special jam and the jar it came in was just too cute to throw out, so I started collecting jars also. I plan to sort the buttons by colour.