zondag 11 april 2010


it is sunday
time too relax.
work on some yarn projects
picture up is my "mom"project i'm not sure how many squars i need but for a minimum size 2 by 2 i need 121 pieces.
i have now 15 and number 16 is on the needle.

this was a piece of fabric that was in my stock for years. i made a trim with yarn and now it's in my living room for the colder evenings.


i love my litle green bag.
so now i can take my litle black book everywhere.
the yarn is amezing.
thanks florcita for the lovely yarn you make.

so back to my mom project and all the others.


5 opmerkingen:

ArtMind zei

Yay, good start on the squares - it's very encouraging seeing the piles grow.
I also have some green Florcite yarn waiting to be turned into something. Didn't have a clue yet what but your bag inspired me! Thanks Nynke! :)

hetty zei

Cute little green bag. Your squares are looking good! Looks like an interesting pattern. At the speed you crochet you'll have enough in no time!

Wild and Precious zei

awesome idea. well done!

I’d love for you to stop by: www.wild-and-precious.com

danielle and dinosaur toes zei

I love those crochet squares! I've alway thought I'd like to learn how to make them, but I doubt I have enough patience!

The Knitting Seaman zei

The square project looks like it's gonna be a distance run. But, on the other hand, as long as you have colours you like and other projects to work on for a change it can be fun to all those 121 pieces. Keep up the good work! :)